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Transfer Credit Policy

Transfer Credit Policy

Students may receive credit for college courses taken before entering Bethany College meeting the following conditions:

1. All credit must be earned at an accredited college or university (community and junior colleges are included).

2. College general education requirements may be fulfilled by transfer credit.

3. Liberal arts core requirements may be fulfilled by transfer credit.

4. Credit will be granted only for a grade of C- or better.

5. Approval of all courses are based on an official transcript and, if necessary, course descriptions provided by the student.

6. The student must complete at least 48 semester hours at Bethany College to fulfill graduation requirements.

7. Online courses which are considered as regular courses in a degree program at a regionally accredited institution are acceptable at Bethany College. Regular courses are those that are numbered according to the institution’s official numbering system for courses which satisfy degree requirements.

8. Credit from a foreign institution of higher education will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

9. Credit earned through military or non-traditional programs that have been evaluated by the American Council on Education and declared to be the equivalent of lower or upper division credit, will be transferred according to the A.C.E. recommendations. However, because only satisfactory grades are awarded, the credit will not affect the grade point average.

10. No credit will be transferred for courses for which the student again enrolls in at Bethany College.

11. Credit must be awarded from an official Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate test score report. Credit will be awarded for AP scores of 3, 4, and 5. Scores of 4 or better on higher-level IB examinations will be granted credit. However, because only satisfactory grades are awarded, the credit will not affect the grade point average.

12. Quarter hours will be multiplied by 2/3 to determine the equivalent number of semester hour credits.

13. Credit for Short Term units may not be transferred from an International or American institution.

14. Transfer courses accepted will be included in the cumulative credits earned but neither grades nor grade points earned at other institutions will be used in the computation of the Bethany College grade point average.

15.Dual credit earned while in high school will be accepted for credit at Bethany College.

16. No courses over 10 years old will be accepted for credit at Bethany College.

17. Students accepted to Bethany College are required to submit an official transcript for all work passed or failed at any other college or university prior to or after enrolling at Bethany College. It is considered a form of academic dishonesty not to declare these enrollments.

18. Students who have interrupted their studies by failing to register within one year of completing a semester must submit a new application.

19. Students who participate in the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), conducted by the College Board, may have the score reports sent to the registrar for evaluation. Credit will be awarded for scores at or above the 50th percentile. Credit earned through APP or CLEP will not affect the grade point average.

20. Students who have not participated in the APP or CLEP examination programs, but who believe themselves to be advanced in a particular area of study, may ask to be examined by appropriate department faculty for possible awards of Credit by Examination or placement in an advanced class. When credit is awarded it will serve as elective credit or to meet a specific degree requirement, as recommended by the faculty. The college charges a minimal fee per course credit awarded through Credit by Examination.