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Transfer Students

Transfer Admission Procedures

Transfer students are vital members of our academic and residential community. Applicants for transfer must have a good academic record at the institution from which they are transferring. Generous financial assistance is available for qualified transfer students. The College will assist holders of Associate degrees to complete their baccalaureate programs within two years at Bethany.

We do not want you to miss out on speaking with a member of our enrollment team. Sign-up to chat with an enrollment team member about how you can make Bethany College your next home away from home. We are offering our $500 per year visit grant to students who set up a “visit” with us for the first time, virtually. In addition, since you cannot visit our beautiful, historic campus in person, please take advantage of the virtual tour. We are committed to working with transfer students and making the transfer application process as easy as possible.

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Transfer Student Checklist

  • Complete a transfer admission application
  • Submit official copies of academic records from all high schools, colleges, or universities previously attended. Each copy must bear the stamp or seal and signature of a school official attesting that it is a true copy of the original.
    • To be considered for admission, a transfer student must have a minimum of 12 (post high school) college level credit hours. If a student has less than 12 college level credit hours, an admission decision will be made based on a review of both college and high school coursework, along with SAT or ACT scores.
    • Bethany College cannot conduct an official review of college courses until an official transcript is submitted. An unofficial review may be conducted with an unofficial transcript but a student cannot be guaranteed transfer credits without an official transcript review.
    • Students wishing to apply for transfer to Bethany College mid-term, should submit courses that are in progress along with mid-term grades if available. A conditional decision may be made prior to final grades being submitted at the end of the term. Once a final official transcript is submitted, and grades are deemed to be at a transferable level, a student may be fully accepted to Bethany College.
  • Download, complete, and submit a Statement of Good Standing. The Student Life or Dean of Student Office at the current college and/or university you are attending will need to complete a portion of this form.
  • Review our Transfer Credit Policy. (For instance, credit will be granted only for a grade of C- or better.)

All documents not submitted electronically to, should be sent to the Bethany College Office of Admission at this address:


Bethany College Center for Enrollment
Bethany College
31 E. Campus Drive #4
Bethany, West Virginia 26032

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