How a Liberal Arts Degree Helps You Advance Your Career

Just what is a liberal arts degree, anyway? As you consider which college to attend, you’ve probably come across several “liberal arts” schools and wondered: And how can it help you in your career? First, it’s good to understand the basics of what the term means (and...

5 Reasons to Check Out Division 3 Colleges (NCAA Division III)

Why do students choose Division 3 colleges? As a student-athlete applying to college, you may wonder which NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) division you should focus on. Division 1 (D1) universities are the largest institutions with the biggest athletic...

Unlocking Opportunities: 4 Creative Ways to Pay for College

Whether you’re looking at big schools or prefer a more intimate, small-college experience, you might be wondering how you’re going to afford it. Have you explored all the ways to pay for college? You might already know a little about grants and scholarships (money you...