Class of 1974 50th Reunion

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Class of 1974 50th Reunion 

Dear classmates,

On behalf of the 50th reunion committee, I invite you to join us October 11-13 for Homecoming 2024, with the theme of the Homecoming of Champions! The Homecoming of Champions is a nod to both the 2024 Olympics, and to the American legend and Grimes Lecture speaker, Dave Wottle. Dave is a 1972 Olympic gold medalist who later became the track and field coach at Bethany, as well as the director of enrollment. The Grimes Lecture is an annual premier event at Homecoming featuring a distinguished speaker that both educates and inspires attendees.

Our class will kick off our reunion activities at 4 p.m. on Friday, October 11, in Phillips Lounge, where we have a reception specifically for our class. Other activities will include a special invitation to a VIP tailgate area at the endzone during the football game, an alumni celebration dinner, and football game after-party. We hope we can use all of these events as a chance to gather, reminisce, and share what we’ve been doing and where we’ve been for the last 50 years! The weekend is action-packed and will conclude Sunday with the traditional Scroll Breakfast at Oglebay. View the schedule and register today!

In the meantime, we hope you will check out our fundraising project—addressing deferred maintenance on the historic Oglebay Gates.

Built and donated by Earl Oglebay in 1910, the Oglebay gates have a true historical significance to Bethany College and its students and alumni. Each student will walk through those gates twice in their lives; once as they begin their journey at Bethany College, walking through them on their way to Commencement Hall to sign the matriculation book. The second time will be out of the gates on their way to graduation.

The gates, opened only three times a year (the beginning of fall semester– the beginning of spring semester — and graduation), were refurbished once, led by emeritus trustee Robert Ewing ’59 from Wheeling, WV, in 1987. While structurally sound, some basic maintenance is needed to keep the gates looking beautiful and in good shape.

The classes of 1974 and 1999 have teamed up for their 50th and 25th class reunions to help do some of this cosmetic and maintenance work. These classes are aiming to raise $25,000 to make a real difference at this historical and meaningful area on campus. An added element this year is that we will be competing for a Class Cup—recognizing the class that has the biggest number of supporters (not money—but participation). Join me in bringing home the cup for the class of 1974!


John DeBlasis
Class of 1974 Reunion Committee Chairman

Committee Members

John DeBlasis
Dean Lesiak
Dan Harry
Vips Toohill-Alpizar
Cathy Rohrback-Gallagher

List of Donors

James H. Moyle
Stephen D. Ratcliffe
Jeffrey L. Stolz
Nancy S. Fox
D. Lynn L. Snider
Jane Snider
Paul J. Bergman
Bonnie Thurston
Frank P. Christy
Elizabeth Edwards
Mary K. Cowell
John F. DeBlasis
William J. Dumbaugh
Fletcher C. Hutcheson
Caroline Russom
Cathy Rohrback Gallagher
Katherine Westerholm
Ernest Teitell
Sara M. Mineo
Dennis J. Pavan
Paul A. Kohl
Donna L. Smith
Elizabeth A. Kohl
S. D. Lesiak

Treasure Your Bethany Memories

Take a stroll down memory lane, and look through Bethany’s 1974 yearbook!

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