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About the Campbell Cemetery

God’s Acre

Laid To Rest In This Family Cemetery Are Family Members And Friends of Thomas And Alexander Campbell. Also Buried Here Are Presidents And Teachers Of Bethany College.

Young Amanda was the first loss for Margaret and Alexander Campbell. It was at the time of her death that Campbell selected this hillside above the Mansion as the site for the family cemetery and gave it the name, “God’s Acre.” Campbell, himself, is buried at this site, as are 13 of his 14 children, wives Margaret and Selina, parents, many of his siblings, as well as many of his descendants. Here, too, are former presidents and professors of Bethany College as well as leaders and missionaries of the Disciples of Christ. The visitor gains entrance to the Campbell Cemetery by stone steps placed on either side of a wall that encircles the grounds. The wall of hand-hewn stone is seven feet high – three feet beneath the ground and four above. Stone for the wall was purchased from a grist mill operator located on Buffalo Creek. Construction was supervised by Col. Alexander Campbell in fulfillment of a request contained in his celebrated father’s will.