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The Health Center’s staff helps students make full and wise use of their physical and mental capabilities. Although the major responsibility is to provide medical services, staff members are interested in students’ emotional and environmental health. Bethany Student Health is located in the Health and Wellness center.

Physicians are available to students three mornings a week. Outside of doctor’s hours, a licensed nursing staff is available to see students.

Services of Student Health are provided to all students at no charge. Most medications and medical supplies are distributed to students at no charge. Medical treatment and interactions with Student Health are kept confidential, unless there is permission from the student to release information.

All students are required to provide Student Health with a recent physical and a medical history that includes immunization dates.

Operating Hours:

Nurses are available to see and care for students from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Doctors* are on campus to see students on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.
*No appointment is necessary


Bethany College Health History
Bethany College Physical Evaluation


Student Health can be contacted by phone at 304.829.7567 or by contacting the Director by email at