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Bethany College Esports Club

Where Victory is Virtual, but the Passion is Real!

At Bethany College, you have the chance to pursue your passions inside and outside of the classroom. By joining our esports club, you will have the opportunity to compete at the collegiate level and develop skills that are essential for success, both on and off the virtual battlefield.

As a member of the ECAC Esports League, Bethany College competes against other colleges in several popular games for 2-3 months per semester. Not only does this provide an outlet for competitive gamers, but it also aids in developing skills such as problem-solving, multitasking, communication, coordination, strategic planning, and decision-making. It also offers an avenue for socialization with other players and even networking opportunities among the top collegiate teams.

To learn more and get involved, contact Student Life & Esports Director Xavier Thomas via email at, phone at 304.829.7645, or Discord at _xaviert.

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Earn an Exclusive $1,000 Award

Bethany College is offering a limited number of exclusive $1,000 award packages to esports club members.

Experience our New Esports Arena

Immerse yourself in gaming like never before at Bethany College’s cutting-edge Esports Arena. Equipped with the latest gaming technology, dazzling LED lights, and crystal-clear soundscapes, this dynamic space is designed for both casual and competitive gamers.

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Games we compete in

League Of Legends
Super Smash Brothers Ultimate
Rainbow 6 Siege
Counter Strike
APEX Legends
Rocket League
Call Of Duty

Game On: Turn Your Hobby Into a Career

Take your passion one step further by pairing your major with one of Bethany College’s popular gaming minors – Esport Gaming Management or Game Development.

Meet the Coach

Esports Club

Xavier Thomas

Xavier Thomas

Student Life & Esports Director