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Contact Student Counseling Services:, 304.829.7572

Counseling is a process of self-discovery and growth. It can often increase self-confidence, improve relationships, and assist with good decision making skills. Most people at one time or another can benefit from counseling.

The Student Counseling Services at Bethany College ( provide individual and confidential counseling to all students enrolled at Bethany College. Some common reason that students seek counseling are: relationship difficulties (e.g, romantic partner, roommates, family members), depression, anxiety, stress, dealing with change, fear of failure, career uncertainty, and coping with feelings such as loss, loneliness, sadness, anger or guilt. Be aware that you are not odd or “abnormal” if you find the college experience to be stressful. Student counseling services are provided in order to assist you in maximizing all areas of your academic career here at Bethany College.

Why do students come for counseling?

Most students seek counseling services when their usual ways of handling problems aren’t working well. Students may have found that talking to friends or family about their problems has been impossible or unhelpful. A student may feel depressed, sad, or angry. These feelings can be triggered by any number of reasons such as:
  • Trying to begin or end a relationship
  • Feeling the loss of someone close to them
  • Concentration problems while studying
  • Procrastination
  • Questions about “coming out” or identity issues
  • Drug or alcohol problems
  • Struggling to become independent from parents

Who will know?

The counselor is aware of the importance of students being able to relax and share their thoughts and concerns in a protected setting. Whatever a student shares with the counselor will not be shared with anyone, including faculty, staff, students, parents or persons outside of the student counseling services. Exceptions to this policy are made in emergencies and when other legal or ethical exceptions occur.

How do I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment with College Counselor Terri Rawson by calling 304.829.7572, emailing, or coming to Student Counseling located in the Health & Wellness Center during office hours. The first appointment will be an introductory or in-take interview which will require about 1 hour. This will give you a chance to explain what has been bothering you and discuss with the counselor what options are available.
If you should be in need of specialized services that are not available through the Student Counseling Office, you will be assisted in connecting with the appropriate professional or agency outside of the college.

IN EMERGENCY SITUATIONS: When a student is in need of immediate medical assistance, call campus security at 304.829.7744 or dial “911” for immediate assistance. provides expert free mental health and substance abuse resources for people at any stage of their recovery journey.