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Bethany College is waiting for you.

See why Bethany graduates have the vision, the knowledge, and the courage to take on the world. To learn more about this small college of national distinction, scroll down through these postcards and discover Bethany.

Academics Post Card


“We could give you a long list of majors, more than 30 of them. That’s what most liberal arts colleges do. But, what Bethany College really does is teach you to think. Every course you take takes your brain on a journey all its own. And that’s nice. Because, when you leave, you’ll have to come up with answers every single day, no matter what you do for a living. Thank us later.”

Academics Post Card


“That would be the Bethany acceptance rate to grad school. No matter what your major — business, medicine, engineering, pre-med, or pre-law — you are desirable. And, because of the way you’re prepped, the percentages say we’re doing the right thing. And, if graduate school is not for you, we have influential alumni who will get you going in the job market. That’s how it works.”

financial aid post card

Financial Aid — “Look to the Left of You. Look to the Right of You. They Probably Have a Scholarship, Too.”

“It’s true. Almost all of our students receive aid. Actually, over 90%. And with the rising cost of tuition, this should make you feel very good. In fact, run into the living room and tell your parents. They deserve a break, too.”

athletics post card

Athletics — “We Like Winning. Big Time”

“Welcome to DIII NCAA athletics. Here’s the thing at Bethany. We really like to win. Yes we do. So, if you can jump out of the gym, or the equivalent, in any of our 22 varsity sports, we want you here in a hurry. And, if you’re into intramurals, we have many. From football to swimming to track to tennis to softball to lacrosse, our facilities are terrific. Come compete.”

Arts post card

Art — “For Your Sake.”

Music, theater, the visual arts. Bring your talent here. We have professors who love and respect what you do, and are passionate about taking your art to the next level. You’ll have every opportunity to play before audiences, or to show your paintings, sculptures, and performances. Come here and be glorious.”

Location post card

Location — “So Beautiful You Could Cry.”

“There was never a more glorious place to go to college. The rolling hillsides in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains never lose their beauty throughout the seasons. You may not cry, but once you visit our campus, you’re ours. History is all around you. And when you want to venture beyond our 1,300-acre campus, the great City of Pittsburgh is just 50 minutes away.”

student life post card

Student Life — “If You Don’t Love it Here Then There’s Just No Pleasing You.”

“No joke. Bethany affords you the quintessential small college life. Whether it’s the fraternity or sorority you join, the roommate you have, the team you play on, or the classes you take — you will have friends for life. You’re 50 minutes from Pittsburgh. You’re in an historic college town, and you can study abroad. In other words, you will be pleased. How could you not be?”

Liberal Arts Post Card

Liberal Arts — “Who Do You Think You Are?”

“You are what you think. And that’s what Liberal Arts at Bethany teaches you to do. A broad spectrum of courses and professors who are passionate will do that, each in their own way. So at the end of four years, you’ll have a pretty good idea of who you are as a thinker, a problem-solver, and as a person. That’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it?”

Community Service Post Card

Community Service — “Feel Good About Doing Good.”

“It’s okay to feel good about yourself — especially when it involves helping others. The Bethany community knows what it feels like to lend a helping hand. We’ve received national recognition to prove it. From Greek-life philanthropies to Amnesty International, Relay for Life, and Habitat for Humanity, students and faculty members give back in meaningful and measurable ways. Wouldn’t it feel good to join them?”

Internships post card

Internships — “It Pays to Work for Nothing”

“If it’s a Bethany internship, it’ll pay handsomely later. It might even pay a little bit now. But here’s what counts. We have contacts with companies all over the U.S. and the world, not to mention our alumni. That’s what Bethany internships are all about. Opportunities to put your skills into action. Our students take advantage of them to coincide with their field of study, to get a real taste of the real world. That’s the big payoff. You’ll see.”

Alumni Post Card

Alumni — “Earn Yourself Some Bragging Rights?”

“Become part of a long lineage of successful alumni. A big extended family — in all fields of work, and in all parts of the world. Some pretty impressive relatives, huh? They’ll expect great things from you, so prepare to make them proud. After all, success is in our blood.”